Intellectual Property law

Our intellectual property lawyers practice in the areas of business law, intellectual property law, technology law, cybersecurity law, privacy law. The intellectual property attorneys at Kirkpatrick Law believe that every business is, or is becoming, a technology company affected by intellectual property in some way.

The traditional thoughts around business law may not be enough even for a startup company. Today, companies might be thinking about marketing through social media, transacting though e-commerce utilities, holding internal and external data on servers, using cloud-based applications, and having to procure software licenses. Our intellectual property lawyers can help.

Intellectual property can be a large part of the value of a company. As a company creates digital content on websites, blogs, and develops an online brand, more value is created. Most business are now using logo’s and website designs, and may have to take measures to protect its identity. As products are developed, certain trade secrets might be protected using methods such as data encryption and data management applications. Further, companies might have to focus on supplier contracts to ensure that its suppliers are maintaining data security, such as a companies’ law firm that is drawing patent applications or that is engaged in merger and acquisition activities. Software copyright infringement is an area of law that can catch an unsuspecting business off guard as well. Kirkpatrick Law focuses a large part of its business to intellectual property matters.

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Intellectual Property law Q&A's

Intellectual Property law Q & A's

Is Technology Law Related to Intellectual Property Law? +

Technology law may come into play more frequently for companies as time goes on. It can be hard to imagine a company that does not use software, e-mail, process credit cards, or manage databases of customer information. So many businesses have to contract with software providers, but may not know the nuances of technology contracts. Kirkpatrick Law drafts, reviews, and negotiates technology agreements for telecommunications, software licenses, software as a service, platform as a service, colocation services, managed services, website design, and much more. Kirkpatrick Law believes that technology affects most businesses, and if it does not yet, it will.

Why Don't More Lawyers Focus on Cybersecurity? +

Cybersecurity is finally starting to gain attention. It has been around since the dawn of computing, but now there are more government rules and regulations that are requiring the protection of customer data and customer information. These requirements come at a time where data is moving faster and more freely than ever. Kirkpatrick Law can help review contracts with suppliers that handle customer data to ensure adequacy of the security and compliance with the law. Drafting and reviewing policies and procedures related to cybersecurity is also an area where Kirkpatrick Law can help companies with compliance.

Do You Handle Privacy Rules? +

Privacy rules are becoming more abundant and can put more pressure on companies to become compliant. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is vigilant in protecting consumers data. Kirkpatrick Law can draft and review security information programs to help companies become or stay compliant with data and information security rules. Kirkpatrick Law also reviews HIPAA and Gramm Leach Bliley agreements to help companies demonstrate their compliance in customer contracts.